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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Athena Maree Burton

She was named after the Greek Goddess Athena. 
We were visiting the Parthenon in Nashville 
when I blurted out "what about Athena Maree?" 
The older kids said yes. When I realized she 
would have the same initials as her older sister,
Angela, I tried to change just the middle name and
the other children would not let me. 
The spelling of Maree comes from a dear friend I had 
in High School whose name was spelled with two e's.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Ryan's Birthday

On 6 November 1986, I delivered my eldest son

Ryan Lynn Burton.

He has his father, Randy Layne Burton and 
paternal grandfather's, Robert Lynn Burton initials
 and as you can see his paternal grandfather's middle name. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

 Lot No. 3, Locke, Cayuga County, New York

Since we had traced  the Maynard/Minard/Miner Family to New York prior to 1850, I started looking at land records. While my sweet sister-in-law was in Salt Lake awhile ago she located several deeds in Cayuga County for our Minard/Miner family. While looking at these deeds it appeared they contained the dividing up of John Maynard/Minard land upon his death. Thinking it would be easy, I decided to try and put this family together and locate as many of the siblings of Samuel Minard, my 3-great grandfather. Well it is not easy as I thought, it is becoming rather difficult. Not in locating the later deeds from after John Maynard/Minard died, but rather figuring out how many acres are involved and just how he came to possess it.

Lot No. 3 in Locke, Cayuga County, New York was originally part of the Early Military Land Tract. This was land set aside as payment for service during the Revolutionary War. Ebenezer Burnett was the original soldier that received the land. He sold it to an Evander Childs, so far no problem now is where it gets tricky. Evander Childs sold part of the land to John Maynard and Azariah Ketchum. However, the deeds I have found so far make it hard to figure out how many acres John Maynard actually bought. One deed shows only him buying 150 acres of land from Evander Childs. Another deed shows John Maynard splitting the 300 acres bought from Evander Childs with Azariah Ketchum and the a third deed showing Azariah Ketchum selling back to Evander Childs 150 acres. All of these deeds referring to the same half of the 600 acre Lot 3 in Locke.

I do know at some point John Maynard/Minard ends up with 150 acres of land in Lot 3 of Locke. I just now have to figure out if at the time of his death that was all the land he had in Lot 3. I know he had bought land in Lot 4 and lot 44 or 54 (or both) and a few other places. Thankfully FamilySearch has digitized these land records. They are not indexed, but I can look through them like I would the microfilm housed in Salt Lake.

Wish me luck. I will be posting the deeds I find as I transcribe them over on my website Baker Roots Research Notes The URL for the page for Minard New York deeds is http://bakerrootsresearch.weebly.com/minard-land-records.html

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Garden Memory

      When I was a very young girl I would go into the garden and eat the tomatoes straight from the vine. I still enjoy fresh tomatoes. The last few summers I have been planting cherry and grape size tomatoes so I can just pop them into my mouth and eat them. The smaller size tomatoes are less messy to eat. I will still eat the larger ones the way many people will eat apples. You just have to be careful and not squirt them all over the place.
       My mother, Elizabeth Joan Bionaz Baker, told a story similar to this. Her uncle had an artichoke farm and she would sit out in the field and eat raw artichokes. She said her mouth and lips would turn black from the iron in them. Now I do enjoy artichokes, but I do not think I could eat them raw like that.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Phebey Coulton Robison

I posted the other day on facebook that I have found a record that specifically states that Phebey Robison was the daughter of William and Phebe Coulton.
You can look at a blog post about why there was confusion about Phebe Coulton's parents here http://myfamilyresearchadventures.blogspot.com/2008/09/phebe-coulton.html

The record I found about her parentage is:
This record can be found on Ancestry.com in their Quaker collection. It is a digitalized copy of a Darby Monthly Meeting. Source Citation: Swarthmore College; Swarthmore, Pennsylvania; Quaker Meeting Records; Call Number: MR-PH-141
The third paragraph down reads:

Whereas Phebe Robison Daughter of William -
Coulton and Phebe his Wife was Educated in the profession
of Faith as held by us. But giving way to a Libertine spirit
hath been so far Led into Error as to suffer herself to be Joined
in Marriage by a Priest to a person not of our Society to the
Reproach of our Christian Profession, and Contrary to the 
good and regular Order Established among us, Notwith-
standing she had been advised and Precautioned to the Con-

Friday, May 23, 2014

Memorial Day 2014
I have a cousin who died during World War II and is buried in Belgium.
This post is in remembrance of him.

Cesare Ducley
He was born to Louie "Luigi Ceaseare" Ducley 
and Mary Frances Boche
26 Nov 1912 in Johnstown, Cambria, Pennsylvania.
He was a Technician in the 
557th Antiaircraft Artillery 
Automatic Weapons Battalion.
Cesare was killed in action
2 Feb 1945 in Henri-Chapelle, Belgium.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dear Myrtle's: 3-2-1 Ragu Challenge

Event: My grandfather John C Bionaz birth
Clerk of Orphan's Court. Births 1893-1905: Register of Birth V 3-4: item 1-2. Cambria County, Pennsylvania, Family History Library Salt Lake City Utah. FHL microfilm 1293469. Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah: transcribed by Betty-Lu Baker Burton 23 May 1985.

John Bionaz Certificate of Baptism (2 different copies); 16 october 1922, 4 august 1969, St John Cualbert Church, Johnstown, PA; privately held by Betty-Lu Baker Burton, [address for private use]; St John Gualbert's Church, Johnstown, PA.
Large Marriage Certificate of John Charles Bionaz and Elizabeth Grace Hawke, 19 May 1929, privately held by Betty-Lu Baker Burton, [address for private use], 2014. Lists where the record was recorded. I received this sometime after John C Bionaz death. Recorded in Book 286 of Marriage Certificates Page 397, Records of the city and County of San Francisco State of California. On back #2128, Married by W J Fisher

The back of the Marriage Certificate
    The Birth Records on Microfilm #1293469, Cambria County, Pennsylvania was in a ledger style. The informant would go to the Clerk's office and the clerk would write the information on the next blank line. So as I transcribed the record I noticed that the birth happened 21 Oct 1905 and the birth was recorded 23 May 1905. So Apparently the Clerk put the wrong year down for the birth. This possibly happening because it was 5 months into 1905 and he just out of habit put down the current year and forgot the birth happened the year before.
      The Baptismal record supports this assumption by listing the birth as 21 Oct 1904 and the baptism being 7 Jan 1905. This puts the baptism record as being closer to the actual birth than the recording of the birth. The marriage record also supports this conclusion. John C Bionaz being 24 in May of 1929. This puts is birth in the year 1904, since his birth had not yet happened in 1929. 
      The difference in the middle name was explained to me. John C Bionaz did not like Camel as a middle name and somewhat informally used Charles instead. This came to light after the birth of his grandson John Charles Baker was born and he wondered where the name came from. At that time he informed his daughter, Elizabeth Joan Bionaz Baker (John Charles Baker's) mother that his name was Camille not Charles. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Anna and Angela's birthday

I will not say how long ago they were born, since one of their husband stated they were 29 and holding. Below I have posted scrape book pages I had previously made of their births.

So Happy Birthday to my 2 oldest daughters!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

There will be posts on the theme of Family History as well as some journal entrys. Since journaling is part of Family History. It is my history. Some of the posts will deal with my struggles in relearning my body's clues to my health.
In the fall of 2007, the doctors found a large tumor on my Pituitary Gland and they removed it that November. Unfortunately, I had had a stroke inside the tumor and that is how they found it.  So I had blood  flowing around my Pituitary Gland and into part of my brain that was not suppose to be there. Then 2 months after my surgery I was in a terrible car accident. Between the two I have damaged my Pituitary Gland, nothing to far off but enough to cause some problems. So I am still learning how to live with my new limitations. So I will be posting about this journey as well.

My old blog was at http://myfamilyresearchadventures.blogspot.com/    If you want to read some of my old posts.