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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Robbie Joe Huyck's adoption

Robbie Joe’s Adoption

According to a family story I heard many years ago, Minnie E Huyck had a child that died at a young age and so she and her husband adopted Robbie Joe. The story goes that the reason why Minnie E Huyck and her husband Charles Alonzo Huyck adopted a boy they named Robbie Joe was because Minnie had just recently lost a young child and Robbie Joe’s mother had died about the same time.

Thankfully there was a formal adoption, which was not very common for the time period. The boy was born 26 December 1890 and had originally been named Joseph Smith Klinck Jr. On 24 January 1891 the Huyck’s filed a petition to adopt a baby boy in Polk County, Wisconsin. The petition was granted 4 February 1891 and signed by both the Huyck’s and Mr. Joseph S. Klinck, the baby’s father. In the petition Mr. Klinck states that his wife, the boy’s mother, was already dead. With the boy being less than a month old at the time of his mother’s death and the time period, there would have been a need for a woman to breast feed the child in order for him to thrive. This fact and the age of Robbie Joe at adoption lend credence to the family story that Minnie E Huyck had a young child at this time in order for her to properly take care of the child. The fact that there is no family record of the Huyck’s having a child born at this time that lived past infancy also adds credence to the story.

(Robbie Joe Huyck; Adoption Papers; Charles A Huyck and Minnie E Huyck; 4 February 1891; Polk County Court, Wisconsin: Ole Larson County Judge: Recorded in Vol 3, page 121: copy in possession of Betty-Lu Baker Burton)

I will later post about additional information about the child that died.