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Monday, April 11, 2016

Samuel E Huyck letter dated 17 November 1865

Betty-Lu Burton

Dear Myrtle is doing a Wednesday morning HOA (hangout on air) on the Quick Lessons of Elizabeth Shown Mills. I know I have not done many of these lessons, but I need to just do what I can and keep plugging along. This week is:
Elizabeth Shown Mills, “QuickLesson 5: Analyzing Records,” Evidence Explained: Historical Analysis, Citation & Source Usage(https://www.evidenceexplained.com/content/quicklesson-5-analyzing-records : accessed 30 Sept 2015).   

Last week was on records from the National Archives of the United States. So this week I will analyze a record I received from NARA.

In my 2great-grandfather Samuel E. Huyck there is a letter that he wrote. I will be looking at this letter.
A copy of the letter follows my analyst of the record.
Although the letter itself does not provide a lot of genealogical information, it does tell us something about Samuel E Huyck. He had very good handwriting. It appears he was well educated by the spelling found in the letter. Even by today's standard he had a good command of spelling and the use of language.
He was discharged on June 2nd 1865, and then arrested at home on the 15 September. He was charged with taking a blanket from the Hospital at camp Dennison. He had been a patient at the Hospital, thus giving another set of records that we might want to look at; Civil War medical records.
He was imprisoned at Relton Barracks in Cincinnati. He felt he was wrongfully imprisoned and he is requesting help. He did not receive a speedy trial and is asking Major General Cose for help in either receiving a trial or being release.
He also shows concern for his family.
So even though we do not find out much genealogical information about Samuel E Huyck, we did find out something about him. He is educated, was wounded, was discharged 2 June 1865, and he had concerned for his family. 

Samuel E. Huyck, letter dated 17 November 1865 from Camp Chase, Ohio to Major General Cose, Commanding District: compiled Military Records (Enlisted, Private, Company E, 38 Regiment, Ohio Volunteer, Infantry) Military Records obtained from NARA, Washington D.C.: copy of records in possession of Betty-Lu Baker Burton

            Camp Chase Ohio
                                                            November 17th 1865
                        Major General Cose
                        Commanding District
                                     I most respectfully
tender this my humble application to
You with the view to draw Your kind
attention to my case.  ~~~~
                     After being honorably
Discharged from the service of the U.S.
on June 2nd 1865 I suddenly was
arrested at home on the 15th of September
by ordre of Brevel Lind Colenel M Dermont
and charged with stealing a Goverment
blanket from the Hospital at Camp
Dennison, where I was a patient suffering
under the effects of wounds received
at the battle of Jonesboro Ga. 1st day
of September 1864.
               I was then forwarded
to Relton Barrarks Cincinnati and
kept in close confinement from there
sent to this Post ,, Guardhouse and
my confinement continnued, without
me ever having received neither a trial
nor a hearing.
               My property being
destroyed by conlfagration lately and
in consequence thereof my family cast
into the world home and penniless
they depending upon my support, while
I am confined under false charges
[page 2]
without there being  hope of ever being
released and restored to liberty and a
suffering family, I most heartly and
respectfully request You Sir to interceed
in my affairs and either order my
trial to come on or be released
     Hoping soon to learn from You
                 I remain Sir
             Very respectfully
             Your obeient servant
                   S.E. Huyck citizen
             of Williams County

[On Bottom and sideways]
Camp Chase Ohio                           Hd. Qrs. Dist. of Ohio
Nov 17 1865                                     Columbus Ohio 21st 65
___________                                 _____________________
Huyck S E                                     Respectfully referal to
Citizen                                           comdy. Offical of Camp
___________                               Chase O. to know whether
Makes application                          Charges have been made
to be released from                        against this man. and
confinement                                   for all the raeonl (?) then
_____________                           is against him.
                                                            By Command of
                                                            Maj Genl. J D Cox
                                                            M C Wilkinson           
                                                            Capt A D C     

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Betty-Lu Burton

Dear Myrtle is doing a Wednesday morning HOA (hangout on air) on the Quick Lessons of Elizabeth Shown Mills. I will try to participate as much as possible, but I have some healthy issues that are trying to make my life difficult so I am not sure how much I can do. This week is on:

QuickLesson 2: Sources vs. Information vs. Evidence vs. Proof    
Elizabeth Shown Mills, “QuickLesson 2: Sources vs. Information vs. Evidence vs. Proof,”
 Evidence Explained: Historical Analysis, Citation & Source Usage (https://www.evidenceexplained.com/content/quicklesson-2-sources-vs-information-vs-evidence-vs-proof :accessed 20 March 2016

Sources are the container for the information on them, and citations are the way we locate the source or container. We tend to put a degree of reliability on the information based on the source. For instance we tend to believe a birth record for a birth because the source or container is called a birth record. True one would expect to find birth information on a birth record, but that does not mean all the information on that record is correct or accurate or even complete. There are birth records that have the wrong name because the parents decided they wanted to call the child something else after they filled out the record and some do not have a name on them at all.

For example my grandmother had a sister named Pearl who was born in 1910 and died 7 days later. I have both of these records and neither of them has her name on it. Yet all the family records give the child a name. So in order to prove that this child is Pearl I need to look at other sources and find additional information, Thankfully my grandmother left a written record of her family that lists Pearl with the exact birth and death dates of this unknown child.

Another example of having to look for additional information is citizenship records. I have been indexing these records for a while for FamilySearch. The page with the Oath of Allegiance does not list the place of birth, but it does list the country the person was a citizen of prior to becoming a US citizen. Some people do not realize the information about the prior allegiance is not necessarily the birth place. A person born in England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, Canada and other British countries will denounce their allegiance to the Queen or King of Britain and yet Britain is not the country of birth. In these cases people are misinterpreting the information. They did not understand that one needs additional information in order to determine place of birth.

In both of these examples one needed to look in several sources in order to obtain enough evidence to complete the information being sought after.