I had started another blog several years ago at http://myfamilyresearchadventures.blogspot.com/, but when google plus ended some how I messed things up and now it is very difficult for me to get into that blog to post. So I decided to start a new blog that I can get to easier.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Asha Elizabeth Burton

Asha Elizabeth Burton

Asha my fourth child and third daughter decided she did not like the snow that was on the ground 
and came 2 weeks late. The only one of my children to come that late. 
Asha was named after a news reporter that was on the TV at the time. 
Elizabeth comes from a number of people: Her maternal grandmother was Elizabeth Joan
 and her mother was Elizabeth Grace and the Betty in my name came from Elizabeth.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Week 1 of Genealogy Do-Over

I was having problems thinking these things through, but thanks to Thomas and others I finally figured it out so here are my goals. 

First I had to realize that like doing a major cleaning or organizing project, I will make a bigger mess before I am done. I have to get use to the fact that I will need to generate more paperwork in order to keep better track of what I am doing, what I have done and what I need to do. Sounds kind of like a research log, so I need to come up with a type of log that I can and will use. 

1) Setting previous Research aside - this is easy since everything is so disorganized to begin with. I will continue working on the New York Land records. This is a project that is gathering deeds found in Cayuga County during the first half of the 1800's for the Maynard/Minard/Miner Surname. This is mainly transcribing the records. I will wait to do the full analysis until later.

2) Preparing to Research - 
  • Make a new file folder on my desktop for Research Notebooks: Dear Myrtle had a good idea on how to organize 8 weeks of research. (Wacky Wednesday Information Overload at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMHpg0Y8inQ ). My excel notebooks will be for 6 weeks, since I am currently on a 6 weeks plus a few days Pituitary Cycle and every 6 weeks I have a few really bad days and am able to do very little. This will help me to be able to have a schedule and still have the flexibility. It will also allow for re adjusting my schedule on a routine basis. 
  • When I need background noise to turn on music and not the TV
  • Learn about how to use Dropbox so as I clean up my files and enter it in my database I can move them into Dropbox for storage and away of keeping a visual track of what I have done.
  • Find a place for my copy of Evidence Explained and put it back there when I am done with it. So I do not keep losing it.
  • Start a notebook to put the notes, hints, blogs and research helps I print out. 
3) Establishing Base Practices and Guidelines - 
  • Open up my Excel Notebook for that week's research plans 
  • Open Roots Magic
  • Open Dropbox
  • Do not be afraid to have several folders open and several websites open at once
  • When I am done, file any papers I printed out that session.
  • While researching have a spiral notebook to write down any new to-do items or new ideas that come up.
  • During down week up-date my paper research note book - This will mean print out my to do lists I made during my active weeks and add it to my paper research notebook.
Those are my thoughts. I will be adjusting these as time goes by.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

John Edward Baker

My second son and youngest child was born on a Saturday. The date 4 Jan 1992 in Huntsville Alabama. Like his older brother, Ryan, John has his grandfather's initials. That is his maternal grandfather, James Edward Baker Jr. Since my father was a Jr, that means John has his great-grandfather Baker's initials also. In John case he has a part of both of his maternal great-grandfathers names. My mother's father was named John C Bionaz. So John comes from Grandpa Bionaz and Edward comes from Grandpa Baker. 

Here is John's scrapebook page for his birth.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

It is 1 Jan 2015. Happy New Year!  

This year I want to get more done. I have a Pituitary Gland that likes to spud-er and I live on a roller coaster of changing hormones. This past year I have been learning how to live with this new life and I have come a long way. I now at least realize that I will have good days and bad days and as long as I take them in stride the bad days are not so bad. What I want to do this year is figure out how to make the most out of my good days and how to still get things done on my in between days. In order to this I have to learn how to organize myself better and yet be flexible. So here is my plan for at least the first few months to see if I am headed in the right direction.

1) Continue indexing and arbitrating for Family Search 6 out of 7 days a week or at least a total of 700 names a week.
2) Watch and possibly participate in Mondays with Myrt and Wacky Wednesday each week. This is to help me stay in touch with others and is easy to schedule
3) Update to Roots Magic 7 and starting from scratch re-enter my genealogy one name at a time and make sure I do correct citations. This is part of the Genealogy do over that starting on Facebook
4) On Sunday put together at least one blog post and then sometime in the week post it. I may be having a good day one Sunday and then try to draft several so on the bad weeks I can still post something.
5) Put together a Research Notebook for my military records and BLM (Bureau of Land Management) records so when I have the money or by some miracle I am able to go to the National Archives in Washington DC, I will know what I want.
6) By the end of January have my direct line ancestors in my new data base with full and complete citations back at least 4 generations.
7) By the end of this week have started my revisited proof of Phoebe Coulton's parents, and have an outline done.
8) Work on finish watching Dear Myrtle's HOA on Thomas Jones "Mastering Genealogical Proof" This is kind of a hard one because each HOA is almost 2 hours and there are only a few days a month I can sit and really concentrate for that long.

So that is my plan to begin with. I just wish I could say on Mondays I will do this and Tuesday this and so forth but my week does not go that way.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Athena Maree Burton

She was named after the Greek Goddess Athena. 
We were visiting the Parthenon in Nashville 
when I blurted out "what about Athena Maree?" 
The older kids said yes. When I realized she 
would have the same initials as her older sister,
Angela, I tried to change just the middle name and
the other children would not let me. 
The spelling of Maree comes from a dear friend I had 
in High School whose name was spelled with two e's.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Ryan's Birthday

On 6 November 1986, I delivered my eldest son

Ryan Lynn Burton.

He has his father, Randy Layne Burton and 
paternal grandfather's, Robert Lynn Burton initials
 and as you can see his paternal grandfather's middle name. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

 Lot No. 3, Locke, Cayuga County, New York

Since we had traced  the Maynard/Minard/Miner Family to New York prior to 1850, I started looking at land records. While my sweet sister-in-law was in Salt Lake awhile ago she located several deeds in Cayuga County for our Minard/Miner family. While looking at these deeds it appeared they contained the dividing up of John Maynard/Minard land upon his death. Thinking it would be easy, I decided to try and put this family together and locate as many of the siblings of Samuel Minard, my 3-great grandfather. Well it is not easy as I thought, it is becoming rather difficult. Not in locating the later deeds from after John Maynard/Minard died, but rather figuring out how many acres are involved and just how he came to possess it.

Lot No. 3 in Locke, Cayuga County, New York was originally part of the Early Military Land Tract. This was land set aside as payment for service during the Revolutionary War. Ebenezer Burnett was the original soldier that received the land. He sold it to an Evander Childs, so far no problem now is where it gets tricky. Evander Childs sold part of the land to John Maynard and Azariah Ketchum. However, the deeds I have found so far make it hard to figure out how many acres John Maynard actually bought. One deed shows only him buying 150 acres of land from Evander Childs. Another deed shows John Maynard splitting the 300 acres bought from Evander Childs with Azariah Ketchum and the a third deed showing Azariah Ketchum selling back to Evander Childs 150 acres. All of these deeds referring to the same half of the 600 acre Lot 3 in Locke.

I do know at some point John Maynard/Minard ends up with 150 acres of land in Lot 3 of Locke. I just now have to figure out if at the time of his death that was all the land he had in Lot 3. I know he had bought land in Lot 4 and lot 44 or 54 (or both) and a few other places. Thankfully FamilySearch has digitized these land records. They are not indexed, but I can look through them like I would the microfilm housed in Salt Lake.

Wish me luck. I will be posting the deeds I find as I transcribe them over on my website Baker Roots Research Notes The URL for the page for Minard New York deeds is http://bakerrootsresearch.weebly.com/minard-land-records.html