I had started another blog several years ago at http://myfamilyresearchadventures.blogspot.com/, but when google plus ended some how I messed things up and now it is very difficult for me to get into that blog to post. So I decided to start a new blog that I can get to easier.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

It is 1 Jan 2015. Happy New Year!  

This year I want to get more done. I have a Pituitary Gland that likes to spud-er and I live on a roller coaster of changing hormones. This past year I have been learning how to live with this new life and I have come a long way. I now at least realize that I will have good days and bad days and as long as I take them in stride the bad days are not so bad. What I want to do this year is figure out how to make the most out of my good days and how to still get things done on my in between days. In order to this I have to learn how to organize myself better and yet be flexible. So here is my plan for at least the first few months to see if I am headed in the right direction.

1) Continue indexing and arbitrating for Family Search 6 out of 7 days a week or at least a total of 700 names a week.
2) Watch and possibly participate in Mondays with Myrt and Wacky Wednesday each week. This is to help me stay in touch with others and is easy to schedule
3) Update to Roots Magic 7 and starting from scratch re-enter my genealogy one name at a time and make sure I do correct citations. This is part of the Genealogy do over that starting on Facebook
4) On Sunday put together at least one blog post and then sometime in the week post it. I may be having a good day one Sunday and then try to draft several so on the bad weeks I can still post something.
5) Put together a Research Notebook for my military records and BLM (Bureau of Land Management) records so when I have the money or by some miracle I am able to go to the National Archives in Washington DC, I will know what I want.
6) By the end of January have my direct line ancestors in my new data base with full and complete citations back at least 4 generations.
7) By the end of this week have started my revisited proof of Phoebe Coulton's parents, and have an outline done.
8) Work on finish watching Dear Myrtle's HOA on Thomas Jones "Mastering Genealogical Proof" This is kind of a hard one because each HOA is almost 2 hours and there are only a few days a month I can sit and really concentrate for that long.

So that is my plan to begin with. I just wish I could say on Mondays I will do this and Tuesday this and so forth but my week does not go that way.

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  1. I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia so I totally get the needing to be flexible depending on how that body is doing at that moment. I am still working on refining my goals, yours seem to be very precise and it looks like you used the SMART formula when formulating your goals. Good Job!