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Monday, September 21, 2015

Reuben F Miner Service Records

Today I receive in my e-mail my 2 great-grandfather Reuben F Miner's Military Service Records. I was hoping that in the packet would be his enlistment papers that give birthday and birth place and other personal information, but that was not in the packet. When you order service records you never quite know what you would get. You only know what might be in it, or what records might be included.

The records did tell me on the 12 August 1862, Reuben was 27 years old, 5 feet 81/2 inches tall, dark complexion, blue eyes, black hair and was a boatman before his enlistment. Most of the rest of the papers was concerning  him losing his right leg in an accident while hunting for food for the hospital he was stationed at. It was interesting he was stationed at Fort Rice Dakota Territory and the Surgeon there did the amputation, but he was transferred to Quincy, Illinois to recover and to be discharged.

I will be posting more from his service records later.

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